The iPhone 6s Bikini Shoot [Video]

Check out this video from Fstoppers that shows the amazing results you can get with an iPhone 6s and less than $30 dollars worth of gear.

Like the first video, I wanted to take professional looking images but this time I was going to make it so simple that absolutely anyone would be able to recreate my shots. Instead of using a fancy studio (which was actually just my garage in the last video) I decided to do the shoot around my house and then outside at the beach. Instead of seamless paper I decided to use backgrounds that anyone could easily find. Most importantly, I limited my lighting budget to about $40 maximum per shot.

Gear Used
● iPhone 6s 128 GB (literally any other camera would work as well so I’m not interested in hearing that an iPhone isn’t a cheap camera)
● Black foam core
● White foam core
● LED flashlight (I can’t find the exact brand)
● LED panel

Notably, Apple has just launched a new ad campaign highlighting portrait photos taken with the iPhone 6s.

Take a look at the video below!

[via Loop]