George Daskaleas Ukraine’s Man of The Year- Ακριβώς πριν 3 χρόνια… |

George Daskaleas Ukraine’s Man of The Year- Ακριβώς πριν 3 χρόνια…

16.05.2016 03:10

Daskaleas Ukraine’s Man of The Year

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DaskaleasGeorge Daskaleas, a visiting professor at Kiev University, was named Ukraine’s Man of the Year for 2012 at a recent ceremony. The 17th award ceremony took place in a packed National Palace of Culture in Kiev before politicians, academics, financial and cultural leaders.

The event took place at an institution where prominent people of sciences, culture and finance are recognized. The Greek Ambassador in Kiev, Georgios Georgountzos and the honorary consuls in Greece, Ioannis Litinas of Ukraine and Nicolaos Daskalantonakis of Russia attended.

The prize was awarded by the former Minister and current Ambassador of Ukraine to Greece, Valery Tsybukh.  Daskaleas was honored because “he is probably the only person that does not ask Ukraine for money but offers it!” as the organizers pointed out in an introductory video.

Daskaleas was touched and modest while receiving the award and thanked people from Ukraine . He was recently named to his position at the Kiev school where he gives lectures and seminars of quantitative models and discipline investment methods.

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