Eurobank is set to release results on March 11 post market close…

Eurobank (Results 4Q/12M 2014): Eurobank is set to release its 4Q/12M14 results on March 11 post market close. We expect losses of €464m in 4Q14 vs. €411m loss in Q3 on the back of rising provisions. A cc will follow at 18:00 Athens time. More specifically:


Benefiting from the improving macro conditions in its main geography, Eurobank is seen reporting better operating results in 4Q, with increased NII on the back of lower funding costs, well contained opex but higher NPL formation to incorporate the remaining provisions from the AQR test. At the same time we expect higher coverage ratio following management guidance in Q3.


We have therefore pencilled in higher impairments on a quarterly basis (+5% QoQ), as we understand that the bank will further raise its coverage aiming also to eliminate the AQR gap. As for the other lines, we see NII 1% up QoQ as deleveraging is seen eroding the magnitude of liabilities re-pricing and improving commissions (40% QoQ).


Trading losses (-€9m) is expected to settle PPI at €208m. We also expect higher impairments (€50m) after NPL provisioning.  As a result we expect Eurobank to report €464m losses in 4Q14 (in the absence of other DTA), leading cumulative 12M14 losses to €1.157m.


The following table summarises our Q4 estimates:


Eurobank  2013  2014  2014 Overview
(In Million Euro) 4Q13 3Q14 4Q14 Q-o-Q Y-o-Y
NII 393 379 397 4,9% 1,0%
Fee income 57 51 80 56,9% 40,4%
Trading -17 20 -9 -145,0% -47,1%
Other Income 58 26 0
Total income 491 476 468 -1,6% -4,7%
Operating costs -313 -258 -260 0,9% -16,9%
Pre-provision-profits 178 218 208 -4,5% 16,9%
Provisions -1.115 -588 -620 5,4% -44,4%
Other results 4 -41 -50 21,7%
PBT -933 -411 -462 12,4% -50,5%
Net profit -925 -180 -462

Manos Chatzidakis